City Responds to Sewage Spill

According to a City of Savannah spokesman, Savannah Water Resources crews responded to a minor sewage spill at 9:31 a.m. Saturday at the intersection of Windsor Road and Deerfield Road.

They estimate 5,400 gallons spilled before the leak was corrected less than an hour later.

Despite thousands of gallons of sewage spilling, the city spokesman Bret Bell said it’s still classified as a minor spill under State Environmental Protection Division guidelines.

The spill was caused by a defect in a gravity sanitary sewer pipe, which caused a stoppage and the manhole to overflow into the ditch. Crews shut down the lift station to stop the overflow, repaired the pipe defect and spread lime over the affected area.

The ditch was contained, and the stormwater/sewage mix was removed with City vacuum trucks.

Spill notifications were placed at the spill site and at Bells Landing.

All regulatory authorities were notified.

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