Operation Homefront serving Military Families Food and Quality Time

RICHMOND HILL, GA – The holiday season for most is about being with family and loved ones. For active military service members seeing their families is sometimes not an option.

In support of those wounded in action and still currently serving Operation Homefront is lending a helping hand this weekend.

“This year by the grace of god we all get to be together,” says military wife Christine Chmura.

A picture with Santa, Christmas cards and food to take home were the few things military families had to enjoy at the Richmond Hill city center. Event coordinators say it’s not about just giving back to service members but giving them a holiday memory while they have time to be with their loved ones.

“You never know when they deploy and they’re gone during the holidays or any other time during the year, if that’s going to be the last holiday you have together,” says Chmura.

Christine and Sgt. Michael Chmura have been together throughout his decade of service. Michael has missed several holidays serving tours in Afghanistan and gestures of support like this he takes to heart.

“Even the guys that’s not here, that’s overseas fighting in a war zone, they’re families can still come out have the sense of warmth in their heart knowing that they can still come out and have someone to support them for the holidays,” says Sergeant Chmura.

The Chmura family is now anticipating orders for Michael to possibly deploy this month. Situations like that all too often felt by military families are what event sponsors hope their support can ease the worry.

“It’s not just about food, it’s not just about gifts it’s about making someone’s holiday better, it’s about makng someone’s kid have a better holiday a family, it’s the time for them to spend with each other,” says Wal-Mart store manager Scott Kittle.

More than three hundred military families will be served through the program. What meals are not taken this weekend will go to base chaplains to give out and help the families who may be missing their loved ones this holiday season.

You can learn more about the efforts of Operation Homefront by visiting their website.


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