Community Begins to Rebuild America’s Smallest Church

Its called the “Littlest Church in America”. But the story of Christ’s Chapel in McIntosh County burning down has made big news around the nation.

Investigators are calling it “suspicious” and the State Fire Marshal is investigating.

The congregation and many folks in the area were shocked, saddened but not ready to give up on the little church with a big following.

Dozens of folks came out today to begin the process of rebuilding the church.

They are keeping the original foundation, laying cinderblock on top, and keeping the original dimensions of the “little church”  as well as the original look and feel.


Everyone here is a volunteer. They believe its important for the community,

“Its like a warm feeling in your heart when you get to see something go up and everyone was working good,” said Patrick Young, one of the volunteers. “Even the people that couldn’t work were doing something. Its amazing to see how people come together on something like this,.”

And to send a message to whoever burned it down.

“I would like for them to realize what kind of devastation they have done to people,” said Sam Clark, who is overseeing the rebuiild. “And realize where they have went wrong. And really see it wasnt thge right thing to do and get help for whatever problem they have.”

There is a $10,000 reward from the state fire marshal for information on the fire.

Volunteers here hope to finish the structure and start roofing next weekend.


America’s Smallest Church in McIntosh County, once a pit stop for many travelers on Highway 17, is now a torched shell of its former self.  Authorities are investigating the fire they believe took place Friday evening. “We believe it’s suspicious and have already called in the State Fire Marshal’s office,” says McIntosh County Fire Chief Mark Deverger.

He said the fire was reported to his department about 1:00 a.m. Saturday and when crews arrived it was too late.  About a dozen firefighters did try to save the tiny church, including those who came from Hinesville and Liberty County.

We’re already hearing from some in the area who say they’re raising money to rebuild the community’s landmark.

A GoFundMe page is set up to fund restorations to the building.

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