Christmas Tree Syndrome

How Christmas trees can cause hay fever mayhem:  pollen grains, dust and mold can trigger sneezing, coughing and a runny nose.

It’s the season to be jolly.  But for some, Christmas brings allergy misery.

Well, your Christmas tree could be to blame…  real or fake.


First, for the real tree sufferer.  It’s called Christmas Tree Syndrome.  It’s caused by a number of different molds that grow on it.  Molds are found on the tree naturally, but the molds increase in number once inside our homes.

Live trees collect mold on their trunks and needles.  Molds release spores, which can cause allergic reactions.

As for artificial trees, they can also trigger reactions.  If you stored your tree since last year, it probably has some dust on it.  Once the tree is brought inside, these allergens are released.

About 35 percent of us in the United States suffer from an increase of hay fever like symptoms at Christmas.


So what can you do?

Well, if your symptoms get worse in the room where the trees is and especially when you get close to the tree, then it’s probably the tree causing the problem.  Experts say there are some things you can do…  1.  Spray the tree with a mild bleach solution, as this will help kill off the mold.  2.  Experts say you can also take an antihistamine.  Some say a nasal spray is best because is works directly on the nasal passages where the allergic reaction to the mold is triggered.


(sources:  Consumer Affairs, Health Land)

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