Something You Might Not Know About the Sunset in Savannah

Wanted to share a picture I took last night of the sunset on Tybee Beach.

Sunset was at 5:20 pm last night and tonight too, in Savannah. The sun is still setting earlier and earlier and will continue to do so until Friday, December 4th, when it sets at 5:19 pm. By next Saturday it will be back to 5:20 pm and get later and later each day.

If you were thinking it would be December 21st, don’t worry, you were on the right track. December 21st is the shortest day of the year in terms of the amount of time we see the daylight. However, the sun rises much later that day, cutting back on the time we actually see light.

Want to see more sunset pictures? (I took a lot of them!) You can find me on Facebook:  or on Twitter: @MeteoroloJess

Please send us your sunset pictures too, or any other weather pictures. We love them!


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