Savannah Businesses Talk Small Business Saturday

SAVANNAH, GA – So much hype about holiday shopping stems around Black Friday and Cyber Monday for many Americans, but local business owners need some love as well. This small business Saturday it’s not only an effort to keep local dollars in town, but to promote businesses that help cities like Savannah keep their originality.

“There’s a lot of great small businesses around, open your eyes they’re all over this community,” says Savannah Coffee Roasters owner John Collins.

It’s the one weekend out of the year buying local is a national fad. Small business Saturday, all for supporting the men and women of Main street.

“What gives Savannah that extra layer and that texture that makes it interesting? It’s small businesses, it’s family businesses, it’s what has been here before Savannah was cool,” says 24e owner Ruel Joyner.

The holiday dates back 2010, started by credit card mogul American Express. This time a year ago the Small Business Saturday Consumer Insights Survey estimated more than 14 billion dollars was spent at small, local shops.

“More of your money stays in the local community when you buy from a small business,” says Collins who also heads the Savannah Small Business Chamber.

Georgia’s coast and the South Carolina low-country are home to thousands of small businesses.

The millions of dollars in revenue they see from visitors and locals doesn’t just act as a driving force keeping them operating, but as business owners put it, it’s a way of maintaining local culture and personality.

“Do we want small businesses around, do we want family businesses to be around and the way that you vote for that and you say ‘yes’ to do is by your dollars,” says Joyner who is also the Savannah Downtown Business Association President.

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