Owner of Mystery Wedding Ring Found, He thanks Savannah Restaurant and WSAV

90 year old Burton Udinsky thinks fate was at work last week when he turned on the news to WSAV to see our story about a “mystery wedding ring” that had been found a year ago at Garibaldi Restaurant in downtown Savannah.  Employees had been trying to find the ring’s owner to no avail.  Then a few weeks ago they noticed an inscription inside the wedding ring which reads “I’ll always love you, Sylvia.

Udinsky knew immediately their search for the owner was owner.  Because it’s his ring. “And I told my son they’re talking about my ring,” he told me with tears in his eyes.

Udinsky wore the ring every day since his marriage in May of 1948.  Last year he was at Garibaldi for New Year’s Eve but never realized that’s where he lost the ring.  Later, when he realized it was gone he says  “we looked around the house and didn’t see it and I knew it was gone forever.”

But then he saw the story and things moved quickly.  A call was made to the restaurant and an employee who had been instrumental in keeping the search alive, returned the ring to him a few days ago.  “I kissed her,” he told me.

He says the ring is his most important possession, more so since sadly,  his wife Sylvia died about 18 months ago.  “And to get that ring back probably means more to my father than anything else,” David Udinsky told me.

“It makes me feel a lot better knowing I’ve got the ring, yes it does,” says his dad.

The father and son said “not a day goes by that they don’t think of Mrs. Udinsky.”  The couple married in 1948 and lived in downtown Savannah until Mrs. Udinsky died.  Then the big house was just too much for the older gentleman.  When his family helped him move out, they searched high and low for the precious wedding ring, but nothing.

When I ask the elder Udinsky how he feels tot have his wedding ring back he says “I think I’m the luckiest person in the world, I mean think about the odds of my getting this back.”

Mr. Udinksy has lost weight in recent months so the wedding ring is a bit too big for me him now so his son says it will be put in a safe place.

And they say they may just go back to Garibaldi for New Year’s Eve this year.  They will have a lot to celebrate with employees there.

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