Last-minute Thanksgiving grocery shoppers: there’s still time!

Savannah grocers have a message for all the procrastinating cooks out there: there is still time to get that turkey before Thanksgiving dinner. There was a run on Whole Foods Market on Wednesday afternoon. It seemed to be the eleventh hour, so cooks at Whole Foods recommended buying pre-made meals, especially if the turkey requires anything more than reheating. There were several families doing just that. From shopping cart to conveyor-belt, Thanksgiving meals were carried-off to Savannah kitchens.

“I like to eat dressing, macaroni, ham, turkey, chicken…” and the list went on for local, last-minute shoppers. There were big appetites coming and going.

“It’s hectic, you know, everybody looking for last-minute things, trying to hurry up and get this turkey in the oven before tomorrow, you know…” said Phylicia Smith.

Some had less-than-traditional tastes, and other ingredients to grab.

“I don’t really like turkey, but…yeah, I’m pretty good at desserts,” Elle Cookson said. “We are getting ingredients to make a pie and a turkey for Thanksgiving tomorrow…I’m going to make a mini cranberry-apple pie and a pumpkin pie, and [her sister] is going to be making plain apple pie.”

Still, others flocked to the pre-made meal-in-a-box stand.

“We do it all. So if you don’t want to cook at all, we have full turkey dinners, we have smoked turkey, brined turkey, turkey breast, we have tur-duck-in, we have a whole vegan menu. So, if you have anyone with a special diet or gluten-free restrictions, from appetizers to desserts, we have you completely covered for your Thanksgiving,” Whole Foods Marketing Director Hillary Bradbury said.

There is still time to get to the store if there’s an emergency or forgotten ingredient; Whole Foods is one store open on Thanksgiving Day from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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