Professionals share their secrets to save during the holidays

Professional shoppers share holiday savings secrets

KIMT News 3- It’s that time of year to give back to the ones you love. However, that shouldn’t mean you have to burn a hole in your wallet to do so.

This time of year can cause many people stress looking for those perfect gifts for that special person and still try to save a few bucks.

“For me the stress is just getting it all done, getting it all done on time and then making sure that everyone has an enjoyable time,” said Ann Schmidt, Customer.

Customers are not the only ones stressing this time of year. It isn’t just the gift getting it’s the money to buy those gifts that can add to the traditional tension of the holidays. That also carries over to the store owners. Black Friday shopping is also a time to keep stores stocked and eye-appealing.

“If something gets rearranged it’s okay. We just will continue on,” said Becky Johnson, Owner of Between Friends Boutique. “Someone will be there to straighten things up, but we will be ready for as many customers that can come in that day.”

Just like with any difficulties in life, there are the experts to help out. That’s where Mall of America’s Trends Specialist comes into play. Sara Rodgers offers suggestions to keep the guilt out of gift giving.

“Make a list and stick to it would be one of the things I recommend,” said Rodgers. “Also, look for discounts from retailors. Especially night owls and early birds discounts.”

Now-a-days you don’t even have to leave the comforts of your home. Rodgers suggests web-browsing for bargains

“Don’t think just because it is Black Friday that those are going to be the best prices,” said Rodgers “Use other tools like a website to do a little comparison shopping.”

This day and age, retail therapy goes beyond the ever popular Black Friday. There’s small business Saturday where you can focus on your hometown shops and if you miss all that there’s what’s known as Cyber Monday.

“There is room for both shopping days and online shopping,” said Rodgers. “I think Black Friday at the mall is going to be incredibly busy. You can’t beat the experience of getting what you want in your hands right at the moment. Instant gratification is what I call it.”

Consumers aren’t the only ones who look for the best deals. In fact, some boutiques actually have ways that they can save money when purchasing items. So store owners can stock up on the latest trends at an ideal price.

“We always stock up for Black Friday the weekend before thanksgiving,” said Kari Brick, Owner of Brick Furniture.

As for avid shopper, Ann Schmidt, she used to find herself running with the holiday crowds the day after Thanksgiving. However, life has changed a bit since those days and now with a little girl at home she-and others like her-find it is easier to wait until Cyber Monday.

“I definitely don’t need to fight with someone over a toy kitchen or over the sweater,” said Schmidt. “There is nothing that I need badly enough to get into an argument with somebody else over.”

The National Retail Federation shows more than half of those celebrating the holidays already started their shopping earlier this month. That’s slightly more than last year at this time.

They also say that lower gas prices, better economy and more people are employed are the three factors for why people will be spending money this holiday.

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