Bells Ring for Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign

Volunteers spend hours ringing bells in Chatham County.
A joyful sound as many shift their thoughts giving.
Every penny, nickel, dime, and dollar counts for the Salvation Army’s
Red Kettle Campaign.
“For me it’s always neat when you ring the bell and people come up to you and share stories about how the Salvation Army has done something for them or somebody they knew in the past, and that really lets you know that you’re doing a great job.”
Donations go toward their largest fundraiser of the year the holiday hope campaign with partner WSAV TV.
“It helps support all that we do at Christmas time and throughout, but with the number of kids we have that are signed up for help with the holidays and also the Seniors that we provide food to this is the funds we use in order to meet those needs. ”
This is a picture of the love supporters gave last Christmas.
It’s your personal thoughtfulness, and warm human awareness that makes giving worthy of the Christmas spirit.
You will see billboards around town about the Red Kettle Campaign.
This year’s goal is $250,000.
The bells will stop ringing on Christmas Eve.

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