Retiring Ft. Stewart Soldier Drops wallet, final paycheck Stolen


HINESVILLE, GA – Liberty county authorities are asking residents to be on the lookout of two people suspected in a theft. What they allegedly stole has left a Fort Stewart family struggling to make ends meet for the holidays.

“They affected a whole family here and my greatest fear is, in life, is that i disappoint my family,” says Sgt. Anthony Ford.

November 13th was the start of another weekend for culinary sergeant Anthony Ford but one mistake and one theft turned it upside down.

“I was planning to go do a little bit of early Christmas shopping because I knew at this point in time getting out of the military i was drawing my very last check. so that morning I stopped by a gas station called Sunoco and two, three minutes I was in and out, and somehow who knows on my ext of the store my wallet just {claps} plops out right out of my pocket,” Ford says.

Ford says more than $1200 was taken from his wallet. It was money meant to go to Christmas gifts and paying the bills through the holidays while transitioning with his family into post military life.

“A young female pulled in, picked up my wallet and without hesitation, looked through it, put it in her vehicle and went into the store.”

Hinesville police are suspecting a man and woman in a white Nissan Murano that gas station surveillance video filmed taking Ford’s wallet. It is uncertain if they returned the wallet back to base. Ford says when he got it back the charge cards and final paycheck were gone.

Now his family is looking at a tight budget for the Christmas holidays..

“Sometimes you have to be able to say ‘I need help right now’, you have to be able to say hey I can’t be superman all the time you have to take a knee sometimes,” says Ford.

The Ford’s have set up a GoFundMe in hopes the community can help them make it through the holidays as Ford readies for a fourth child in the lat Spring and is contemplating his family’s housing situation.

You can find the donation page here.

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