Yee Haw!: Urban Hope Savannah hosts its 2nd Annual Pee Wee Rodeo

Children enjoy their pony rides at the Pee Wee Rodeo on Saturday, November 21, 2015.

The beautiful weather we saw on Saturday had dozens grabbing their cowboy boots and hats for the 2nd annual Pee Wee Rodeo.

It was hosted by local non-profit Urban Hope Savannah at The Old Dairy farm on Tennessee Avenue in Savannah.

And children of all ages—and adults had plenty to do!

The kids were enjoying pony rides, there was also a petting zoo for them to visit–and for the more adventurous, there was even a hay ride!

One of the volunteers told News 3 he thinks the event was a great way to expose children to a new experience.


“It’s great to let some of the kids see what else is out here..instead of just–you know–the usual..go home, coming from school and just either sitting their playing video games–get ’em outside and used to some nice fresh air…running around,” said Marcus Thompson, a volunteer with Urban Hope Savannah.


All of the money raised today will help keep the Urban Hope after school program going for inner city and at-risk youth.

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