Georgia Free Masons team up with Savannah Mall to host Georgia Child Identification Program

Parents and their children participating in the ID program on Saturday, November 21, 2015.

Every 40 seconds in the United States, a child goes “missing” or abducted– that’s according to

But a program facilitated by the Georgia Free Masons could help take some of the fear and anxiety out of a scary situation.

News 3’s Courtney Cole has the story.


“…Anything that can help bring a child back if their lost is a great—you know–a great thing,” said Billy Underwood, the coordinator of the Georgia Child Identification Chip Event.

But with the help of the Georgia Free Masons, you won’t have to depend on just anything

“We’re doing a child identification program…”

It’s called the “Georgia ID Chip Program” – a plan that gives parents everything they need for a child’s safe return home.

“What you do is, you fill out a packet with your name and your information on there…”

Here you fill out basic information about your child: name, height, weight, birthday, all of the vitals.

“…and you go over to a computer….you answer a few questions.”

the questions are recorded, so authorities will *also know what your child sounds like…then fingerprints are taken of each finger on both hands.

“…and those all get downloaded onto a CD, and then that CD gets burned and turned back over to you.”

Your child’s DNA sample will also be taken, and put into a case.

“And once you’re all done, your child will have this packet, which organizers say is especially helpful during the holiday season.”

“If you go out of town to Disney World or Six Flags or anything like that, you take this packet with you. And if something happens to your child, you turn this packet in and it will help the authorities find your children,” Underwood told News 3.

And that’s all any parent can ask for… to keep kids’ smiling faces safe and sound…and home.

105 children were enrolled on Saturday at the event at the Savannah Mall.

The organizers say it’s a good idea for parents to renew their child’s packet every two years-or any time your child experiences any major physical changes.


For more information about the program, or where an identification program is happening near you, click here:



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