Study: SC Ranks 5th Fattest in US

South Carolina just ranked in the top five for a national study–but this is no ranking to be proud of.

According to the study done by released earlier this month, the palmetto state ranks fifth fattest in the nation for our obese children and adults. Georgia came in 14th. Local primary care doctor, Clark Trask says he’s not surprised because there is a lack of exercise overall in America, and here in South Carolina he says socioeconomic factors may play a role in our poor diets.

“A lot of the whole foods, the fruits and vegetables, they cost more. But by the same token, if you look at the big costs, the societal cost and the health cost, its a whole lot cheaper to  stick to the perimeter of the grocery store and eat the whole foods than to go down the aisle and eat all the junk food that might be cheaper but puts on the extra pounds and leads to health consequences,” said Dr. Clark Trask.

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