Georgia, Chatham County Working for Clean Runoff Election

Georgia’s Secretary of State’s office wants to make sure Savannah’s runoff election goes off without a hitch.

Brian kemp says his office is increasing its presence in Savannah leading up to the December 1 municipal election runoff.

This comes after receiving multiple complaints regarding the conduct of elections in Savannah on November 3.

The Secretary of State’s office says they are taking “every precaution to ensure each voter has their ballot properly cast and counted on December 1.”

“As Georgia’s chief elections official, I want to ensure every voter gets their opportunity to vote in a secure, accessible, and fair election on December 1,” said Kemp on Wednesday. “My office will have boots on the ground during early voting and on Election Day.”

The Chatham County Board of Elections is also taking additional steps and is committed to continuing to make certain that elections are honestly, efficiently and uniformly conducted in compliance with state and federal law.

While carefully observing campaigners’ fundamental free speech rights, the Board of Elections will insist upon compliance with the 150-foot restriction.  If anyone refuses to comply, the Board of Elections will call law enforcement.  Campaigning within 150 feet of a polling place is a misdemeanor punishable under Georgia law.

The Board of Elections has highlighted this concern to our poll managers.  We are asking the candidates to make sure to highlight this concern to their campaign workers as well. Additional efforts are being made to assist poll managers in identifying and enforcing these boundaries and information will be readily available to the campaigns and others advising of the boundaries that will be enforced.

Secretary of State investigators will be able to deploy immediately to any location with alleged election code violations. Secretary of State Investigators will be monitoring early voting sites, as well as Election Day precincts and the tabulation process. By also adding more eyes to the process, Kemp notes that will ensure voters’ confidence in the process.

Based on the numerous allegations his office received, Kemp launched an investigation into Savannah’s November 3 municipal election. The findings of that investigation, once completed, will be presented to the State Election Board, a nonpartisan body that oversees Georgia elections, for consideration of further prosecution.

“By deploying additional personnel to Savannah, my hope is that no additional cases will be added for Chatham County this election cycle.”

If any voter suspects wrongdoing at the polls during early voting or on Election Day, they can call the Secretary of State’s Stop Voter Fraud Hotline at (877) 725-9797 or fill out a complaint form on the Secretary of State’s Stop Voter Fraud Website

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