Bold graffiti pops up in Albuquerque to show support to France

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – It’s a loud message that popped up overnight in Albuquerque. The 100-foot long graffiti message is directed towards Friday night’s terrorist attacks in France.

It sits along the rail road tracks near 2nd Street and Osuna.

“The rail runner corridor is obviously, it’s no stranger to graffiti,” said Rail Runner Communications Manager Augusta Meyers.

While graffiti is nothing new, Meyers said the type of message is.

“This is definitely not typical, but certainly a show of support,” said Meyers.

Meyers said even with the vulgar language, she thinks Rail Runner passengers who speed past it can probably relate.

“I’m sure a lot of passengers see that, and although it has a strong word in it, are probably right there standing with whoever did that graffiti saying, ‘yes we support France and the citizens of France,’” said Meyers.

As for people in Albuquerque, they say they do relate. “I think that it, it expresses something that an awful lot of people feel,” one person told KRQE News 13. .

But they add that it’s the bad word connected to a big meaning that they said the message could do without.

“I’d probably use a different word,” another person told KRQE News 13. .

As for if the graffiti will stay untouched, Meyers said she expects it won’t last long.

“Although it is a supportive message for the people of France, because of the profanity and the nature of it, the strong message, it will probably be removed very soon,” said Meyers.

People are also posting pictures of the graffiti on social media. Many are writing “Pray for Paris” as they share it.

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