Savannah Student shares his story at the White House

Andre Massey Jr. speaking at the White House

He hopes to attend Howard University and become a doctor.  But today, Savannah’s Andre’ Massey, Junior got a chance to share his journey on a big stage.

When he joined Deep Center’s after school program last year, little did he know this would create an opportunity for him to be honored at the White House.

Deep Center fans watched a live stream at Savannah Coffee Roasters to support the Woodville-Tompkins freshman.  Massey is the only teen asked to speak at the ceremony showcasing the nation’s top award for Youth Arts and Humanities.  His speech written while in 8th grade at Mercer Middle School explains how writing brought him closer to his father.

“Tears fall with fear for us all,” Massey said.  “A father forever, but were you there?  It was hard for actually the both of us.  For me to be the person who write it I was shocked.  That experience has actually changed both of our lives.  I actually found out that my father was there for me the whole time.”

Massey’s speech was followed by a great moment for Savannah.  As he and Deep’s Executive Director Dare Duke stood next to First Lady Michelle Obama and were presented the National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award.

“Writing was a form of therapy.  It helped me find things I never knew about myself which is actually an amazing experience,” Massey said.  “I was actually learning about writing.  I was actually learning about myself things I never knew I could do.”

In addition to the prestigious award, Deep Center will also receive a $10,000 grant to inspire more young authors to raise their voices in the community.

To learn more about the Deep Center program, log on to

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