Date Set for Smoking Ban in Public Housing

Smoking is being kicked out of public housing across the country.
That message recently from Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro.
After a 60 day comment period the no-smoking rule will be a requirement on January first.
I talked to neighbors at Stillwell Towers in 2013 when the Housing Authority of Savannah tried to phase in a smoking ban there but failed.
Many believe protecting residents is the answer.
“Number one it’s a health concern, and number 2 it’s financial because it cost more to make an apartment ready after a smoker moves out than other people because of the damage from on the walls the nicotine walls and the ceiling,” says Savannah Housing Authority Director Earline Davis.
So if someone is caught smoking in their apartment will they be terminated on the spot?
“No because we understand that smoking is an addiction.
It’s not just a habit.
So we have had smoking cessation classes.
The health department has been our partner.
We will continue to have smoking cessation classes.”
Davis says there will be some designated areas outside to smoke.
Smoke-free public housing goes into effect across the country on January 1st.
If residents don’t follow the rules there will be fines, and if they’re caught after the
first violation they will have to move out.

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