Eve of Data Destruction

Team WSAV is ready to roll up their sleeves to help protect you from identity theft

(SAVANNAH) Protecting your identity is important and News 3 is on your side, helping to protect some of your most sensitive information; bank and credit card statements, old tax returns, even your outdated computers. Saturday, November 14th iss a data destruction day in the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry as WSAV is set to host the 22nd Identity Safe Recycling event. Collection totals reveal significant growth over the last decade. WSAV’S first Data Destruction Day was staged across the street from the studios on East Victory Drive in Savannah in July 2005 in the Grayson Stadium parking lot. We only collected documents for shredding in the initial effort. That day 3,500 lbs. of documents were shredded and 75 vehicles come through. The partnership with Goodwill began with the 2nd event in February 2006. 13,000 lbs. of documents were shredded and for the first time old computers were included and 50 were collected, including peripherals. The Lowcountry became part of the effort in November 2010 and westward expansion into Statesboro started two years later. In 21 events more than 352 tons of documents have been shredded and 6,993 computers and peripherals have been recycled. Now, each event regularly draws around 1,200 vehicles bringing anywhere from 50,000 to 70,000 lbs. of documents and as many as 800 electronics for Goodwill to recycle.

The Identity Safe Recycling Day rolls around twice a year, in the Spring and Fall. 10 years ago it started with a trickle of sensitive documents, but now, there’s a flood of folders filled with the kind of information no one wants falling into the wrong hands. WSAV crime expert Gerry Long says data destruction is necessary in this day and age. ” Identity theft, account theft, internet theft of information is just rampant and so this is an opportunity to take a small step in protecting yourself.” Long said. That protection is extended to old computers, their accessories, and even flat screen TV’s, but the electronics destruction does not include those old tube-type TV’s. Goodwill handles the recycling of the electronics at identity safe recycling events. Jacob Lawson with Goodwill says their partnership helps the community and the environment. “We try to recycle everything that we possibly can to keep out of the landfill. Here at Goodwill, one of my main jobs and focus is to try to find a buyer for every type of commodity that is donated to Goodwill, so we can keep those types of things out of the landfill and it’s a lot safer for, you know, Mother Earth.” said Lawson.

Goodwill is certified by the federal government to wipe the hard drives of old computers so personal data doesn’t fall into unscrupulous hands. Long says no matter if your sensitive information is stolen off a hard drive or taken hard copies of account information, when it’s compromised it’s tough to undo. ” The aggravation and the violation is still there, so taking advantage of having all those things shredded, all your old credit cards, which you don’t think about, but those, with anything that’s got a number on it that can identify you or could be used to establish credit in your name in another location, are things you need to be looking around to get rid of.” Long said.

WSAV is once again partnering to help protect you from identity theft by providing on-site shredders for sensitive documents. All paper shredded will be recycled. We will also be collecting electronics. The shredding is a one day event. Please note in order to serve everyone, there is a 5 box max per car, but there will be discounted shredding available for those who have larger quantities. Cintas Document Management is handling the destruction of all documents in our three locations for the 22nd Identity Safe Recycling Day Event.

Savannah, GA
When: Saturday, November 14, 2015
Where: Chatham County Resource Conservation Education Center, 1321 Eisenhower Dr.
Time: 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Bluffton, SC
When: Saturday, November 14, 2015
Where: Goodwill- 509 Island West Park, Bluffton, SC
Time: 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Statesboro, GA

When: Saturday, November 14, 2015
Where: Queensborough Bank – 201 S. Main Street, Statesboro, GA
Time: 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

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