30 Year Tradition Covers Calvary Day in Ribbons of White

(SAVANNAH) Calvary Day School was covered with tradition Thursday night, a toilet paper tradition. Headmaster, Dr. James Taylor says it was no surprise to anyone familiar with the school’s history. “It’s usually part of the homecoming festivities, but it rained this year and the senior class asked if they could move it to another day and we did.” Taylor said. “It’s no prank, it’s senior privilege and I and other members of the administration and staff helped the seniors.” said Taylor with a laugh.

The ribbons of white hang from live oaks like Spanish moss on campus and is generously distributed over signs, fences, and playground equipment. Dr. Taylor says cleanup crews were not caught by surprise as they began their work as the sight greeted parents and students this morning. This year, the playoff game for Calvary’s football team adds extra fuel to school spirit, making the 30 year tradition that much more meaningful on this as it’s the first post-season Friday and Calvary is in the hunt. Pam Braddy was on campus taking in the sight. “I think it’s cool and I love it.” A sentiment shared on and off campus at Calvary Day School.

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