Locals have mixed feelings on security at Grand Theatre as it prepares to reopen

For nearly four months, the fate of the Grand 16 was unknown until this week.  The theater is undergoing a complete makeover and will reopen on November 19th.  But one question remains, is it safe to go to the movies?

Although there is no official word on what security will be like once the Grand 16 reopens, a spokesperson for the theater says it will be safe. And while a sense of fear still lingers, many say there should be a balance between safety and normalcy.

Todd Moffatt, a manager at Mellow Mushroom says, “I’m sure there’s going to be some things in place, I don’t know what yet.  But I’m sure there will be some different operational side of it to make sure everyone is safe.”

“Two security guards there” suggests Elizabeth Boutin, an employee at Mellow Mushroom. “At all times, morning and night I think that would be cool. It makes people feel safer.  But I feel that people should just have confidence in our community.”

“That was an aberration, it was a fluke.  It could happen anywhere” says Brian McDonald, a Lafayette resident.  “A person like that could show up any place and do the same thing. So I don’t think any one place should take extra security measures just because it’s happened there before.”

Alley Peplinski, a Lafayette resident says, “There’s something really unnerving about the idea that, oh we have to go through the metal detector and there are all these guards around just to go to the movie theater and it makes it to the point that you don’t even want to go”

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