Changes to Tax Payment Options in Beaufort County

If you own anything besides a vehicle, your tax bill is on its way this week. Meaning property you own with a house, land you own, and even boats are all part of these tax bills and need to be paid before January 15th to avoid penalties.
There is good news however, the county is offering a new payment option in addition to online, by mail, and in-person. you can now pay by phone.

“We’ve added a new payment option, its an automated phone payment system, so you’re going to call1-800-830-9996, and we will be able to process full payments for vehicles, real property, personal property. So everything you receive a tax bill for you will be able to pay through this new system,” said Beaufort County Treasurer, Maria Walls.

Which is designed to make it easier on you and on the treasurers office.

“It cuts down on processing time for our office, its faster than walk-in payment because we can just import a payment profile, which is easier for  us. But really at the end of the day, its about bringing our taxpayers more payment option methods. So if you are out of town when you know that tax bill came, you can go ahead and take care of it in the easiest manner for you.”

For more information on taxes log onto

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