8-year-old Washington girl donates birthday presents to animals

An 8-year-old Longview girl is donating her birthday presents to the local humane society, Nov. 12, 2015 (KOIN)

LONGVIEW, Wash. (KOIN) — An 8-year-old from Longview, Washington decided she didn’t need any presents for her birthday this year.

Instead, Olive Albright asked for gifts she could donate to the Cowlitz County Humane Society.

The second grader dropped the gifts off at the shelter Thursday.

“I thought it would be better for my birthday because I know that some animals need more than humans do,” Olive said.

She came up with the idea after contemplating the spirit of giving.

“I was thinking it would be better to give than receive,” she said.

The Humane Society says Olive’s gifts came at a good time. With the weather getting cooler, the animals need blankets.

“We have a lot of short-haired dogs that aren’t acclimated to cold weather yet and they use the blankets to sleep at night,” shelter executive director Keenan Harvey said.

The shelter also houses a lot of cats and kittens, so food donations are very welcome.

Olive says she hopes her gifts make the animals happy, and in turn, give them a better chance of getting adopted.

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