Pinkie Master’s Want Savannah’s Help So They Can Move

Pinkie Master’s Owners are asking for Savannah’s help to help them move.

A Facebook page titled “Save Pinkie Master’s” has been created where owners are asking people to donate money so they can pay for $60,000 in moving expenses.

Save Pinkie Master's Facebook

The legendary dive bar is being forced to shut down on January 1st because of a stabbing that happened there this past summer.

The owner of the bar, Guy Kirk, said it all started when a Jonathan “Catfish” Staggs was banned from the bar but then came back to harass one of the bar-backs at Pinkies, he even claims the employee was threatened with his life.

Pinkies Closing

Now, Staggs is suing the bar, Kirk and the owners of the property for a million dollars each.

The owner of the building is kicking Pinkies out of the space it has occupied for more than 60 years.


Pinkie Master’s Closing after 60 Years

Save Pinkie Master's go fund me

The Go Fund Me page reads:

For 65 years, Pinkie Master’s has been Savannah, GA’s #1 go-to dive bar. Entertaining and inviting regulars as well as a kick-ass team of bartenders bring together this not-so-picture-perfect dive to make it a bar right out of David Lynch’s dreams. Locals, visitors, and famous faces alike have come in to enjoy an ice cold Pabst Blue Ribbon at the bar Jimmy Carter once stood on to announce his running for presidency.

But the good times are going to come to a screeching halt on January 1st. Due to a ridiculous lawsuit and a plague of bankruptcy, Pinkie Master’s is being forced to close its historical doors. And while we here at Pinkie’s encourage you to visit our original location as much as you possibly can before we gotta go, we also need your help to get our doors open somewhere else.

Its not always true what they say, location doesn’t have to be everything. The dark, dank rathole of bar you’ve come to know and love can be just as unpolished and real anywhere, but we need your help! Estimated costs of picking up and moving out is setting in at around $60,000, and Pinkie’s can’t do it alone. Any and all donations of whatever size are immensly appreciated. Even if you’re just passing on the word, we thank you from the deepest bottoms of our demolished livers.

Help save Pinkie Master’s, a true part of Savannah’s history.

Save Pinkie Masters Go Fund Me Page

Save Pinkie Masters Facebook Page


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