Bluffton Council Approves Parking Limits

If you’re headed to old town Bluffton anytime soon, you’ll notice some changes to parking.

Tuesday night, town council approved new time limits, signage, and other additions. Mayor Lisa Sulka says these changes are a long time coming. Town council has been looking at improvements to parking on Calhoun Street in Old Town for months.

The biggest change they’ve been looking at is adding two-hour parking limits from 9A.M. to 6 P.M. Monday through Friday. There have been some concerns from area employees and neighbors about overflow parking.

“Before those signs go up, we’re going to have some agreement for overflow parking to help our employees during the day, we’re going to help the neighbors that live there, the residents that live there with some kind of sticker program. That really was the biggest thing.”

But Mayor Sulka says that will be addressed as well as some other issues.

“That was the biggest thing but a couple things that were overlooked last night were, we’re going to add bike racks, we’re going to look at how we can do golf cart parking, we’re going to look at Mellachamp and open up 80 spaces. Everything over the next year, I think the concern is going to be lessened.”

Mayor Sulka says the other big parking issue they need to address and will address is the need for handicapped parking.

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