ON YOUR SIDE: Church Parking Lot Destroyed By Voters

Election day is supposed to be a simple process, go in, vote, get out.

But at one polling place, getting out was apparently a tough task.

Even tougher for the pastor and parishioners, the mess these voters left behind.

“Its unbelievably deep.”

What Pastor Clay Loadman saw was mud.

“Its all connected and obviously its the whole parking area,” points out Loadman.

Tire tracks.

on your side mud 2

“We can’t even park a car here.”


“Seriously, I don’t even know where that came from,” said the Pastor.

All left behind by voters last Tuesday.

“Why not take it when you get out,” said Loadman. “You are just going to leave it like its a dump out here? Its a House of God.”

The parking lot of Wildwood United Methodist Church is destroyed.

The rains Tuesday leaving many drivers stuck in the mud, and willing to do anything, or use anything to get out.

“Nobody has done anything, and no one even tried to pick up anything they used to get themselves out,” said the Pastor.

The damage done, the Pastor says he has called or visited election officials a dozen times in the last week.

“Their biggest concern is that they wouldn’t be able to come back and do a runoff here. and the point is not if we allow you to come out its that no one can park here its impossible.” explained Loadman.

Impossible to have folks come and worship too.

Parking so tough, Loadman says half as many people showed up and stayed at church this sunday.

“It was being used by the county so it should be repaired by the county.”

I talked to Tom Mahoney from the Chatham County Board of Elections late this afternoon.

He says the board has talked to Pastor Loadman several times, and “are” working with the Chatham County on resources to solve the problem.

But he can’t give any timetable to the church on what exactly can be done, or when that might happen.

We’ll stick with the story and keep you updated.

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