Bluffton PD Does “No Shave November”

Ditching the razors this month, the Bluffton Police department is getting shaggy for a good cause.
“No-shave November” is a campaign to help support cancer research and fundraising.
and for officers here at the Bluffton Police department, it fits right in with their mantra about giving back to the community.

Chief Joey Reynolds relaxed the company policy of clean faces in order to raise money for the campaign, and many officers are taking advantage of the chance to give back and give their faces a break.

“The whole purpose of this is to embrace the hair and not shave for the month for the cancer patients that are losing their hair. So what we do is we take the money that we normally use shaving, and we donate it to the American Cancer Society,” says Sgt. James Carmany.

That works out to be about a dollar a day, and so far 23 officers are participating in the event and that means they have raised nearly $700 for the organization. And officers tell me its worth every penny and every weird hair growth.

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