5th Graders Share Words Of Thanks For Veterans

Elementary school students share their words of gratitude for the work of veterans and those who serve in our military

(SAVANNAH) Savannah’s Veterans Day Parade draws thousand’s to downtown savannah every year and many of them are students who have the day off from school.

Some of the fifth graders in Ms.Aeger’s class at Marshpoint Elementary School on Whitemarsh Island.share their excitement about the annual tradition. Mia Giessen says it’s always such a happy celebration. ” I like to see the smiles on everybody’s faces, how when they walk down, everybody’s just so happy.” Giessen said. Classmate Hayden Hartley says the parade stirs family pride. “It’s just really nice because my dad was in the Coast Guard and I totally…totally agree with that and I think it needs to be super special.” said Hartley. 10 year old Nishka Mirchandani says it’s a special feeling of safety that comes to mind when she gets to see members of our military in uniform. “I feel, happy to see them somewhere in person.” said Mirchandani. For classmate Sheila Nguyen, the parade is a great way to show gratitude to veterans and those who are actively serving in the armed forces. “I think it’s really nice to have it and show that how much we appreciate their work for us.” Nguyen said.

The fifth graders who spoke with us took pencils to paper to share their thoughts about what Veterans Day means for them individually.

“To me, Veteran’s Day means to thank the soldiers…it also gives me time to think about how they must have felt.” Mirchandani wrote. Nguyen shared her thoughts on paper too. ” There are so many people fighting for our country who don’t get recognized. Many families lost their loved ones. A lot of people don’t realize that the only reason they are free and equal are because of the soldiers and veterans that fought for us.” Hartley wrote that the holiday stirs family pride for him. ” Veterans Day is important to me because it celebrates the men and women who gave their lives for our freedom. The reason I know this is because both of my great grandparents served in world War II. During world War II over 80 millioin soldiers gave their lives.” Giessen writes that veterans’ service is a priceless given by the service member and their families. ” Without all these brave souls, our country would never be the same. These people are separated from their families, risking their lives, and they do it all for us and our country. I would like to thank all the courageous veterans and I would like to bless all the families who have to watch their loved ones walk away from them to fight the battle of their lives.” Giessen said.

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