Gould’s Students Are the Teachers at The Hour of Code

It’s not every day students get to become the teacher.

That will be the case for a group of fifth graders from Gould Elementary School, according to Jamie McGrath a gifted services teacher.

The ambitious 11-year-olds will be teaching coding, something they’ve already learned, to a group of teachers and school district personnel, which include Superintendent of Schools Dr. Thomas Lockamy, School Board President Jolene Byrne and Chief Academic Officer Ann Levett.

The annual international event, called ‘Hour of Code’ has introduced tens of millions of students to the basics of computer coding.

The event has drawn in support from Noble laureate Malala Youfsafzau, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and President Obama.

One hour is spent playing computer logic games based on popular culture themes such as Frozen or Star Wars.

Gould’s Hour of Code will take place Monday, December 7 from 11:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. with this marking the second year of official participation from Gould.

Jason Smith will head up this year’s event with help from Mr. McGrath, both who have taught coding in their classes for years, along with many others throughout the school.

“We’re not necessarily trying to lead these students toward a career in computer science,” said Gifted Specialist Jaime McGrath, “thought that would be a good thing.  Our primary goal is developing creative and logical problem-solving skills in our students, and moving them from being users of technology to being creators of technological innovations.”


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