Authorities Divert Runners Due to Heat

Rock n Roll Marathon organizers and emergency responders were forced to turn runners around on Saturday before finishing the race.

According to a spokesperson for RnR, the unseasonably warm weather and humid conditions made it a health risk to allow runners to continue.

A team comprised of local emergency responders, medical professionals, the Office of Emergency Management and law enforcement made the decision.

Rock n Roll Marathon provided this statement:

This morning in consultation with local officials, we made the difficult decision to divert runners along the course due to the health risk posed by over-exertion in the unseasonably warm and humid conditions.

As previously communicated, we did implement a comprehensive heat plan, which included water misters, sponge stations, and air-conditioned cooling buses along the course.

Unfortunately, these tough running conditions were deemed excessive and dangerous by our medical officials and their consulting team, including the Southside Fire Department, St. Joseph’s/Candler Hospital, Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Police Department and the Office of Emergency Management.

While we want to provide a fun and memorable experience for all runners, our number one priority is to maintain their safety at every event.

We greatly appreciate your understanding, and we sympathize with you that you were unable to finish the race you worked so hard to prepare for.

We know that nothing can replace crossing the finish line in Savannah over the weekend. We will be in touch via email with all affected participants.


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