Running to Prevent Bullying

Bullying prevention is becoming a community endeavor in Savannah.
According to The National Center for Educational Statistics nearly 1 in 3 students report being bullied during the school year.
Here’s how some in our community are running for the opportunity to help end  bullying.
“You made her cry in biology today.”
Bullying is a widespread problem across the country.
In Savannah the Rape Crisis Center is the premier provider of bullying prevention education in our schools.
SCAD graduate and local artist Tiffani Taylor worries about the damaging act so she’s putting her talent in the mix to raise awareness.
“I growing up had moments where I was speechless, you know I went through poverty.  I’ve always wanted to give a voice to those who are speechless, and rape crisis center is very dear to me because you know its empowering victims who need light shined upon them,” says Tiffani Taylor.
Her master plan support celebrity runner Lynne Wolf in the 2015 Reindeer Run, an event that supports the Anti Bullying Campaign.
Tiffani’s donation this stunning original piece.
“I painted it after having been within the beautiful Moon River and I came home and it’s my expressionistic  interpretation with poetry about hope.  And so I felt that was the perfect fit for the Rape Crisis Center.”
We caught up with Lynne at one of her workout sessions.
She says every stride is worth the $4,000 she trying to raise.
“They say that over half of bullying situations when a peer steps in to  intervene on behalf of the person that’s being bullied that over half of those can be prevented with intervention.
It’s a no brainer. This is a great organization with exceptional leadership and a passionate community of supporters.”
Lynne Wolf is also selling tickets for a chance to win that beautiful painting by Tiffani Taylor.
It’s valued at $4,500.
For ticket information click here
The Reindeer Run is December 19th on Hutchinson Island.

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