ONLY ON 3: Former Yemassee clerk charged with embezzlement

Police reports detail the embezzlement arrest.

A former Yemassee town clerk is accused of embezzling money, $1270.05 to be exact. NEWS 3 pulled documents to show Amber DeLoach admitted to police that she used the town’s general account to pay her power bills for several months.

“I don’t think there’s a person here that don’t feel bad about it, and hate that it happened, because of her situation and her, and because you don’t want a black eye on your town,” Councilman Colin Moore tells NEWS 3.

In the police and arrest reports, DeLoach admits she transferred public money from the town’s general account three times, from June to September, to pay SCE&G bills. Those amounts were $510.20 in June, $268.45 in July, and $491.40 in September, totaling to $1270.05. This was discovered when the new town clerk noticed what she reported to Moore as ‘suspicious transactions,’ and saw the money was missing.

“She came up and she found where this took place and from there on, it turned into I guess you’d say an investigation,” Moore says.

Moore is disappointed in the investigation’s findings. According to the documents, which include a signed statement from DeLoach, she tearfully told police she used town money for her bills because her kids were without lights in their home and that was all she knew to do. Moore calls it embezzlement, a slap in the face. So, there were procedure changes made to prevent such things from happening again.

“It’s an eye opener, and it enabled us to better get a handle on checking our employees out,” Moore says. “The employees, so to speak, are [now] not allowed to sign checks…two council members have to look things over and okay it, and they sign by two council members.”

DeLoach was arrested and booked at the Hampton County Detention Center. She has since been released on bond.

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