Garden City Homes Given Fresh Look with Day Long Volunteer Effort

GARDEN CITY, GA – More than one in four Garden City residents live beneath the national poverty level. Habitat for Humanity of the Coastal Empire leaders say they believe it to be closer to one in three live in poverty.

This weekend Habitat volunteers beside students and church volunteers worked to revitalize more than six homes in the Rossignall Hill community. These efforts to revive the look of homes in neighborhood goes much deeper into helping the people who live there.

“It’s truly a blessing because my husband wasn’t able to do it so to see all these come out and bless us it’s truly a blessing. I am very very humbled,” says long time resident Cheryl Johnson.

For Johnson and her husband the work volunteers are doing on their home brings peace of mind.

“I truly do appreciate everything that they’re doing,” Johnson says.

The Johnson’s, like the other six Garden City residents involved in the Habitat for Humanity revitalization project needed home improvements that they were not physically able to do. It’s a trend Garden City housing leaders see all too often.

“It’s just so great to see all these folks come out, and it would be nice to do this in Garden City every two or three months or if we had just a few people to go out every Saturday. There’s such a need, there’s more needs than I can ever think about to address,” says Don Bethune of the Garden City Housing team.

With more than one hundred and thirty people painting, priming, and restoring homes bringing beauty back into the Rossignal Hill community, residents hope it’s one neighborhood down with more to come.

“There’s a lot of house that really need work done to them, mine needed some work but not like other houses. I’m glad they started with the less needy work and then they’ll get to the bigger work, that’s what I hope they’ll do,” says long time Garden City resident Althea Baker.

You can find more information on upcoming Habitat programs on their website.

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