EMOTIONAL STORY: Students Say “It Was a Win in My Heart”

Homecoming is fun, its stressful and for many girls, its all about the crown.

Well for one school it was about the love of one another and giving the memory of a lifetime for one special young lady.

“The 2015 Homecoming Queen is Miss Madison Tyree (screams)”

jeff davis homecoming
Those are the words that rang out at Jeff Davis County High School.

It was standing room only and a standing ovation for Madison Tyree after she won Jeff Davis County High School’s Homecoming Queen title.
jeff davis homecoming 3
“Even people from the other team were crying and clapping for her,” remembers Bailey Metts, the Queen runner up.

And they weren’t the only ones.

“Just to see her reaction,” smiles Bailey. “To see how honored she was and excited, I just cried and cried because I was so happy for her.”

So many folks might say, “Why do WE care about one high school’s homecoming queen?”

Because Madison’s school cares so much about her.

“I wasn’t focused on winning, I was more focused on the fact she had an opportunity to win,” said Bailey. “And since she won it was a win in my heart.”

Bailey Metts and Madison Tyree have been friends for years
Bailey Metts and Madison Tyree have been friends for years

Madison is in the band. Gets good grades. Very popular. And she happens to be blind and suffering from cerebral palsy.
But students say this was no pity vote.

“If you are having a bad day she encourages you, she sends out a love that no one can send to you,” says a smiling Bailey Metts. “She just brightens your day.”

“You just saw her name on the list and knew she deserved it. You just circled it. Everybody felt that way and she deserved to be homecoming queen. We wanted her to represent this school because of the type of person she is and it would represent Jeff Davis high very well.”

And Madison says it was a moment she’ll never forget.

“Whenever he said selected by the student body as homecoming queen is.. and then i held my breath… and he said Miss Madison Tyree and Im like..YAY!!!” said Madison, smiling from ear to ear. “I was excited, i was bursting out crying. I was like thank you so much!”

Even days later it was still sinking in for Madison…she was the Queen of the school.

“I was sitting on the couch and ran my hand over the crown and i’m like oh my goodness I cant believe its mine!” said an excited Madison.

A school coming together to make a memory for her..and for themselves..

“It was unbelievable,” smiles Bailey. “It was a feeling you’ll never get.”

“What would you want to say about those students who wanted to make you homecoming queen?”
“I would say bless their hearts..” said a jubilant Madison. “And again all I can say is thank you.”

By the way Bailey was first runner up, but she voted for Madison.

Madison tells us she didn’t even vote for herself, she voted for Bailey.

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