Suspect Arrested in Glynn Co. Credit Union Robbery

A Monday robbery of a Glynn County Credit Union lands a suspect behind bars following a high speed chase in Liberty County Tuesday afternoon.

According to Liberty County Sheriff, Steve Sikes the suspect identified as Steven Loy McNeal was arrested following a high speed chase with Liberty County Sheriffs deputies and FBI agents in pursuit.

Sikes said a tip was received McNeal was spotted at Jones Landing.  When deputies who were riding along with the federal agents went to the area and spotted McNeal he fled in a 2008 Chevy Impala leading the officers on an 8 mile trek through Liberty County.  During the chase it is alleged McNeal damaged 4 federally owned vehicles and caused property damage.

McNeal was apprehended on Colonels Island when an officer Tasered him when he refused to surrender.

McNeal is accused of robbing the Marshland Credit Union in Glynn County.

The chase took place around 3 pm.

(Copy provided by Lewis Levine)

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