Forest Bathing

What it is, and why it’s the latest way to de-stress.

According to well + Good, we need recharge our batteries by enjoying nature.

Sure we talk about how it’s good to get outdoors… go for a walk in the woods… but today the act has been given a sexier title called ‘forest bathing.’

Proponents say it stems from the traditional practice of shinrin-yoku in Japan, where people spend contemplative time in nature.

Lately, forest bathing has been popping up on spa menus. It’s quickly becoming a top wellness trend for 2015.

And it’s not just a walk in the woods. Yoga classes in forests are becoming popular. There are even meditation pods suspended fro towering trees in Portugal.


Science backs up the whole experience. Studies show that spending time in a forest can boost your immune system, lower your blood pressure, reduce stress, improve your mood, increase your energy level, improve your sleep and increase your ability to focus.


And the airborne, aromatic chemicals and oils emitted by many trees (called phytoncides) are not just delicious-smelling, they could cut your cancer risk. In a 2006 study, exposure to phytoncides boosted natural killer cells and anticancer proteins by 40 percent.

(source: well + good)

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