Black Cat Cruelty Worries Some Pet Owners During Halloween Season

Fort Pulaski feral cat relocation upsets people who care for the cats

(SAVANNAH) Halloween is a time when scary is chic – but some pet owners have real fear for their fur babies this time of year. Some people who who have black cats or black dogs as pets worry that Halloween may spark more than mischief in some. Those pet owners fear that their pet could be targeted for cruelty. Erika Taylor, a retail manager in Savannah, says she has owned her black cat, Morticia, for two years. But warnings she’s read on social media about people who might intend to do harm to black cats at Halloween prompts Taylor to keep Morticia indoors in the days and even weeks leading to October 31st. ” They say that, like, black cats are in danger. People, like, might, like, kidnap them. People might hurt them, so, like the week, maybe even like the weekend before Halloween, we don’t let her our of the house.” Taylor said. She adds that she knows that there are people out there who don’t want black cats crossing their paths. ” There’s so much surrounding, myths surrounding having black cats and how they’re bad luck and stuff.” said Taylor.

The supervisor with the Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Police Department’s Animal Control Division says animal cruelty is not limited to black cats or even black dogs. Christina Sutherin says animal cruelty in Savannah does not spike during the fright nights leading up to and including Halloween. ” We don’t see a rise of any type of animal cruelty or negligence during this time of year more than we do any other time of year.” Sutherin said. In some area’s, the adoptions of black cats and dogs are put on hold during Halloween to keep them out of the hands of some who intend to do harm to them. But that kind of hold is not in place in the Hostess City. ” We don’t tend to be where these people would look for animals if they intend to do any harm to them..but there are plenty of sites out there like Craigslist where they give these animals away for free, so we encouraged everyone to be a little more vigilant this time of year.” said Sutherin. She adds that adoptions of black cats and dogs continue this time of year in Savannah because of their vetting process.


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