5 Ways to Stay Well This Winter

It’s getting cooler, nights are drawing in, and the clocks will go back soon.

Winter will be here before you know it.

While I love the Christmas season and I love wearing sweaters and boots, I do not love the usual coughs and sneezes that comes along with it. Well, here are five simple tricks to help keep you warm and well.

1. Blink more… or wear sunglasses.
The colder the air, the less moisture is has. This can really dry out your eyes. Central heating, which dries outdoor air, can have this effect too. When your eyes are dry, they can get irritated. Tears help to protect our eyes from irritation. Glasses or sunglasses can help reduce the airflow or evaporation around the eyes.


2. Eat with your left hand at parties.
Hands can carry illness-causing bacteria. Use a different hand to greet people and to eat reduces the chance of bacteria being transferred to your mouth, making you ill. So shake with your right and eat with your left.

3. Say no to a hot toddy.
Alcohol may make you feel warm at first, but it won’t keep you warm. At first, the alcohol causes warm blood to rush toward your skin, which is where most of your ‘heat sensors’ are. Problem is, alcohol causes your blood vessels to dilate. Your blood will cool rapidly. Drinking alcohol in cold weather also reduces the body’s ability to shiver, and this stops another method your body uses to stay warm.

4. Wash your pillow case every week.
Change your pillow case once a week to prevent germs from festering. Change it daily if you share a bed with someone who is sick.


5. Go to bed a little earlier.
Lack of sleep affects your immunity. Some experts say if you sleep less than seven hours a night, you could be three times more likely to catch a cold than someone who gets 8 hours a night. Extra sleep is also important if you are fighting off a cold.

(sources: Daily Mail)

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