Yamacraw shooting victim speaks out, wants to see change in Savannah

A young man who devoted his life to promoting non-violence was shot during his trip to Savannah.

Now as he recovers from his gunshot wound– he talks to News 3 about what happened.

Semaj Clark came to Savannah on an anti-violence campaign– showing authorities here what has worked for young people in Los Angeles, California.

Clark was shot in Yamacraw village– during a robbery attempt.

And despite the fact that doctors told him he will never walk again–

Semaj Clark remains in good spirits tonight.

He told News 3 that he doesn’t look at his experience here in Savannah as set back…just another reason to help youth turn their lives in a more positive direction.

“It really hurts a lot to know that I won’t be able to walk again, because one thing I like to do is run..I run to get rid of my pain…just to know…”

Semaj Clark traveled more than 2,000 miles from Los Angeles, California to Savannah, Georgia, hoping to change things for the better here.

“I came out here for a community safety forum…trying to make it better, because I see that a lot of stuff that’s going out there is happening in South L.A. so like it’s really similar to the stuff that’s going on,” said Clark.

As a youth ambassador, Clark says he knows change is possible–city leaders just need to take a different approach.

“It’s a lot of stuff that’s going on in L.A., but we come up with different propositions and bills to get it passed and they actually help..and that’s what I think we should do here,” Clark said.

He also says mentorship will play a big part in stopping the violence.

“I think it starts in the home, that’s why we need mentors to help, because we don’t know what’s going on in these homes. The mentor comes into play to help keep your child’s mind right and help them to develop correctly…Because it’s hard to try to do good when there is no good around you,” Clark told News 3.

…And he encountered some of that negativity during his visit…but says it won’t stop him from him from reaching his goal.

“Just to know that I won’t walk again…that hurts me…but it won’t stop me from doing what I have to do…so I’m just going to stay here and try to make a difference.”

Clark tells me, after he finishes rehabilitation, he wants to work with Savannah’s leaders to make a positive change in the lives of kids here.


Click here if you would like to Clark and his mother with any of the medical costs: https://www.gofundme.com/xr6jr775

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