Jury Acquits Jail Employees of Serious Charges in Inmate Death

DOWNTOWN SAVANNAH, GA- Nearly two days worth of deliberations resulted in a jury acquitting Jason Kenny, Maxine Evans and Gregory Brown of involuntary manslaughter charges in the case of Chatham County detention center inmate Mathew Ajibade‘s death.

The jury convicts Deputy Jason Kenny with one count of cruelty to a prisoner. Kenny is looking at possibly 1 to 3 years as a result of this charge.

Corporal Maxine Evans is found guilty of falsifying public records. The prison time for falsifying public records could amount to 2 to 10 years.

Jail nurse Gregory Brown was already acquitted of involuntary manslaughter earlier in the trial by a direct judgement of Judge Bass Jr.. The jury brought down a conviction that Nurse Brown is guilty of perjury during the trail.

This charge comes after his claim of checking in on Mathew Ajibade when security camera footage at the jail shows the nurse never made such check on the inmate. The perjury charge could result in upwards to 1 to 10 years.

CNN Correspondent, Nick Valencia spoke with Ajibade’s cousin Chris Oladapo who said ” I am not surprised by the verdict. I knew that that same system that failed Mathew would not be the system that got him justice. I had already warned my familu not to expect anything. We expected nothing, and we got nothing.”

News 3 is continuously updating this story as it is developing. Tune in to News 3 at 5 and 6 for more information.


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