South Carolina Flooding Recovery Efforts: How Can You Help?

As recovery efforts continue in the Palmetto State, people across the nation and here in our area are eager to help families who lost everything.

The American Red Cross of Southeast and Coastal Georgia says getting South Carolinians back on their feet is a team effort…So even if you’re unable to take time out to volunteer, the organization says there is one thing you can do that would help a great deal—and that’s make a donation.

Hoping that the worst is over….many in South Carolina are starting to pick up the pieces.

And although many schools and roads  have reopened, some residents are sorting through their belongings…while others no longer have a place to call home…

That’s that’s where the American Red Cross comes in.

“…We have volunteers that are mobilized to be able to help out with feeding, to be able to help out also with sheltering, to be able to help out with distributing bulk items, and to be able to help out logistically to make sure that everything gets from point a to point z [so to speak] and makes to the families in need,” said Esther Sheppard, the Executive Director of the American Red Cross of Southeast and Coastal Georgia.

But she told News 3 the only way they can continue the relief efforts is with your help.

“The best thing people can do– the most immediate need are financial needs. That helps the American Red Cross be able to respond to every single need that arises, to be able to get people the assistance they need right away,” Sheppard said.

And she says there’s no monetary donation too small…

“The best thing is that when they give, there is no minimum amount…simply because, money goes a long way. A few dollars can help feed, a few dollars can help somebody in a shelter…it goes a long way,” said Sheppard.

The way to helping people get back on their feet…

“…We’re able to make sure that we have water, we’re able to make sure that we have food, we’re able to make sure that we have the things people need immediately,” Sheppard told News 3.

How you can make a donation:

-TEXT ‘Red Cross’ to 90999 to make a donation of 10 dollars. (The donation will be charged to your bill.)

-CALL 1-800-RED-CROSS 1-(800)-733-2767

-VISIT your nearest Red Cross location to make a donation per check or credit card


Although they are several legitimate organizations providing assistance, the South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs says there are some things you can do to avoid giving your money to fake charities:


  1. Confirm that the charity is real before donating by calling: 1-888-CHARITI (242-7484)
  2. Donate to well-known charities and be leery of charities that have sprung up overnight.
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask where the money is going and how much of it is going to the charitable cause.
  4. Never give personal or financial information to cold callers and never send cash.

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