LSU Shows Incredible Kindness to South Carolina Fans

(Photo: KLFY)

10 years ago Arizona hosted the LSU Tigers after Hurricane Katrina left the state in disaster. Now the tigers are paying it forward as they host the South Carolina Gamecocks here in Death Valley in their time of need.

LSU fans welcomed the Gamecocks with open arms.
The recent floods in Columbia, south Carolina left the team unable to hold the game at Williams-Bryce Stadium.
South Carolina fan, Chris Young says LSU fans have been very gracious.

“People here have been so nice they’ve treated us very kindly. One lady was so nice and bought our breakfast this morning. LSU has definitely gone above and beyond the call of duty to make sure this feels like home to us, I’m extremely grateful.”” Said Young.

Louisiana is no stranger to tough times…back in 2005 Arizona hosted the tigers after Hurricane Katrina.
Saturday, it was the tigers turn to lend a helping hand.
Bryan Burgess was at that game and says he’s happy to return the favor.

“I could tell you they just reached out to the LSU fans and made us feel at home. We been through all this before. You pay it forward, you pay it forward. Anything we can give back to the state of South Carolina is just great.”” Said Burgess.

Before the game the American Red Cross collected donations for victims of the historic floods.
Louisiana Regional Chief Executive Director, Kay Wilkins says it feels great to give back.

“Because we know what it’s like we’re very generous and we give. And today what I’m seeing is people are excited about the game we are very proud to be able to host this game for South Carolina but even more importantly people are giving back. It’s always humbling because you see the good in people.”” Said Wilkins.

Mandy Bagnal is visiting Louisiana for the first time, an experience she says that has been unforgettable.

“Truly thankful for the outpouring of support and the love LSU has shown to the Carolina fans. It’s been second to none and the SEC is absolutely the best conference ever and I’m super happy to be here. Go cocks!.””

All proceeds from Saturday’s game will be donated to the South Carolina flood victims.

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