Savannah community puts best foot forward against Diabetes at Forsyth Park

Participants walking across the starting line of the Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes walk in Forsyth Park on Saturday morning.

On Saturday morning, at everyone’s favorite park in Savannah, hundreds laced-up their walking shoes to Step Out and walk to stop diabetes.

It’s an event hosted by the American Diabetes Association and it’s going 23-years-strong in the city, as many are committed to bringing more awareness to this disease.

Before the walk got started–people of all ages had fun getting a little warmed up before starting the 5K lap around the park.

And once it was underway–some familiar faces from WSAV were also spotted walking in the crowd!

After finishing the lap around Forsyth Park, walkers had the opportunity to learn more about healthy eating, get a free health screen and to mix-and-mingle.

The chairman of the walk says he hopes people will spread the information that they’ve learned today.

“It is probably is one of the most dreadful diseases that is growing among a rapid rate in the community and particularly here in Savannah. So we’re here to make people aware of the conditions in which they can detect early signs of diabetes–and hopefully they’ll be able to avoid it in the future…but also those affected with it–we can help them deal with it on a day-to-day basis,” said Terry Lemmons, the Chairman of the Step out: Walk to Stop Diabetes Walk.

For more information about Diabetes and how you can manage it, you can visit the American Diabetes Association Website:

To reach out to the local American Diabetes Association of Southeast Georgia and Coastal South Carolina, click here:

Or you can e-mail:

Maria Center, Executive Director:

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