Making Strides Walk Sprinkled with Stories of Courage

Ellis Square sparkled in pink Saturday for the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk.
“It means a lot.  I’m here.  I’m here.  It means a lot, says Survivor Carrie Clark.”
This moment is to remember people we lost, celebrate survivors, and support those facing the disease.
John Richardson’s wife Susan is a 9 year survivor.
He thinks the more than 1,200 people raising money and awareness for breast cancer treatments and prevention programs is fantastic.
“This means so much to these women.  Especially the ones that are just now going through treatment and coming out of treatment.  It encourages them it gives them a lot of strength a lot of vitality to realize they didn’t get knocked out of life they just had a minor setback and had to learn how to fight it.”
Before stepping to the starting line breast cancer survivor and Hilton Head Recording Artist Candace Woodson lifted spirits with her song Free.
Wendy Wilson recently finished chemotherapy treatment.
“I am I’m so excited this is such a great event, first time I’ve ever done this.
Finished chemo last week.  We’re gonna have a great time rain or shine.”
The ACS wants to raise $75,000.
Team Hanna’s Hooters has raised more than $2,000.
They support Armstrong nursing student Hanna Keith.
“I’m super excited Tina.  I mean these girls have just been my rock.  And when I was diagnosed they were there behind me, and they’re here with me today.  I didn’t think I was gonna be able to make it because I just had chemo on Wednesday, but I’m here and I’m fighting and I’m  so excited to be here with these girls and all these people that are so wonderful for this cause.”
Some walkers clothing defined their personal connection to the disease.
More than 40 teams crossed the finish line pinked with one goal…showing that every life matters, every volunteer matters and every dollar matters to help finish the fight and find a cure.

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