1200 Walkers Make Strides Against Breast Cancer in Savannah.

12112026_10153055111472312_603963870715804495_n 12111989_10153055111372312_6396030422782259278_n 12106962_10153055111642312_3632584194415611085_n 12079461_10153055111262312_5645931141973764122_nEllis square sparkled in pink Saturday, for the American Cancer Society’s “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” walk.

This moment is to remember people we lost to the disease, elebrate survivors, and support those facing the disease.

John Richardson’s wife, Susan is a 9 year survivor. He thinks the more than 1,200 people raising money and awareness for breast cancer treatments and prevention programs, is fantastic.

“This means so much to these women. especially the ones that are just now going through treatment and coming out of treatment. It encourages them it gives them a lot of strength, a lot of vitality, to realize they didn’t get knocked out of life, they just had a minor setback and had to learn how to fight it.”

Breast cancer is the second deadliest cancer for women in America.

Your local cancer society wants to raise $75,000 for today’s walk.


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