Myers Middle School in Session Tomorrow

EMS Responding to Myers Middle School

School will be back in session tomorrow at Myers Middle School in Savannah, after a hazmat scare led to an entire school evacuation on Wednesday afternoon.


Three students complained of feeling sick, and a total of 37 people were taken to the hospital

School officials say all of the students are out of the hospital and home safe with their families.

High levels of Freon in the air in certain areas of the building led to the evacuations.

Later in the evening the building and its operational systems were investigated by fire department officials, SCCPSS maintenance staff, and an independent environmental consulting agency.

The findings yielded that the building was clear and no Freon was detected in the building.

Due to this, school will remain in session for October, 8 and will continue on its regular operating schedule.

District maintenance staff will continue to monitor the situation throughout the evening and fire officials have been secured to conduct another precautionary safety check tomorrow morning before students arrive, according to a press release sent out from SCCPSS.


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