BREAKING NEWS: Myers Middle School evacuated

EMS Responding to Myers Middle School


There were detected levels of Freon and the HVAC system was shut down but there were no Freon level issues.

School maintenance are checking the building now to determine whether the school will be open later or not.

All students and faculty taken to the hospitals have been cleared.



As of right now there are 35 patients are at local hospitals.

18 children were transported to Memorial Hospital.

17 children transported to Candler, one walk-in from parents. One was an adult.

Two at St. Joseph’s and are both adults.

Two of the adults were teachers and an assistant principal. One of the teachers has a knee injury, not respiratory issues.

There is one more kid getting checked at Carey Hilliard’s restaurant that may possibly be transported to a hospital.



Memorial Hospital had 10 patients transported to them with two more on the way. They are all children.

Candler Hospital had 12 patients brought in. 11 children and one adult-the assistant principal. 10 of the children were transported by ambulance, one brought by an adult.

If they show no symptoms they are able to go home.



Savannah Southside Fire Department says it’s a Freon leak or natural gas leak, they went in hazmat and are going in to do more tests.

Six kids at Memorial Hospital have checked out and are okay. All but one are from the same classroom that have similar symptoms.

Several more students were complaining about feeling ill once taken to Johnson, the pick up station.



Three male students were in the health room and started feeling ill, had trouble breathing around 1 p.m and a total of 8-9 students began feeling ill, complaining of cramps, nausea, and headaches and were taken to a local hospital.

The school was locked down as a precaution.

Students are now located at Johnson High school. Buses will pick up kids at Johnson and parents can also pick up their children there.

The school system is calling parents and normal time for all dismissals.

All kids are accounted for, and the building is being checked into to figure out what caused the incident.


A News 3 photographer says Myers Middle School has been evacuated.  School Board officials said one classroom was being evacuated after three students complained of respiratory problems, but it appears that the evacuation has expanded.


EMS Crews as well as Hazmat crews have been called in.

This is a developing story and we’ll provide much more as soon as information becomes available.

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