New Green Burial Plan… Some Call Bizarre

Cemeteries will no longer be full of tombstones and will become a sacred forest.

That’s the plan of two Italian designers Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel. Their new green burial plan will see corpses placed in giant ‘seed pod’ chambers with a tree growing out the top.

Basically, a corpse is stuffed inside a giant capsule and buried below the ground to nourish a newly-planted tree.


It’s called the ‘Capsula Mundi’ concept.

Some are calling the whole idea bizarre.

This is written on the designers website: “Death is mysterious, delicate and inevitable step. The dead cannot be just a technical problem, it cannot be treated as a taboo.”

The designers say they want to create a play where children will be able to learn all about trees and remember loved ones.


The ‘Capusla Mundi’ concept plans to use a 100 percent biodegradable starch-based plastic capsule. The corpse is placed in the fetal position and then placed inside and buried. Above the capsule, a tree is previously selected by the deceased is planted, in hope nutrients from the corpse will help it grow.

Problem is, not everyone is on board. It’s not allowed in some countries.

What are your thoughts?

(sources: Daily Mail)

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