Down Syndrome Awareness Month: Hundreds lace-up their sneakers for 10th Annual Buddy Walk

10th Annual Buddy Walk in Forsyth Park on Saturday, October 3, 2015.

Even though the Savannah area has missed the brunt of the heavy rain for a good part of Saturday–it has been a bit soggy…but not enough to wash out hundreds of people from supporting a good cause!

The ‘Low Country Down Syndrome Society’ kicked off National Down Syndrome Awareness month with their 10th Annual Buddy Walk.

News 3’s Courtney Cole was there to experience the event that both educated and united the community.

“It’s heart warming…it’s beautiful…it’s overwhelming the amount of support that exists behind us,” said Tom Kankel, a first-year participant in the walk. Kenkel’s now

7-month-old daughter is diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

A community impacted by down syndrome, unified by a walk that the Low Country Down Syndrome Society is proud to host every year.

It’s called the Buddy Walk and going into its 10-th year of helping to support and educate people who have children or family members affected by the disorder.

Kenkel says he feels being connected with the organization has made all the difference for him and his family…

“Just having the support, the moral support, to let you know that it’s all okay, it’s not a problem..there are certainly challenges, but you have a whole group to help you overcome and get through it and they make it a little easier and fun!” Kankel told News 3.

And even a less painful to share the legacy of those who had Down Syndrome but have now passed away.

Monica Christian says her aunt died at the age of 51…

“I’m not only honoring her, but all of the Down Syndrome kids…Because they are human and a lot of people don’t treat them like they are human beings. So I just honor her, I just honor her with all of my love and every being of my soul,” Christian said.

All of the money raised on Saturday will go to help the organization keep local programs going that continue their efforts of leadership, outreach and education.

For more information about the Low Country Down Syndrome Society, click here:

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