Valuable Breast Health Advice Friend to Friend

wendy last chemoSince we started we started Buddy Check 3 here at WSAV we’ve heard from buddies who know early detection saves lives, and many who say they never thought they would be diagnosed.
In this month’s Buddy Check 3 report, we share some good breast health advice.
Wendy Wilson has been diligent with her breast health.
she never missed a mammogram until last year.
on May 1, 2015 getting a 3D mammogram at the advice of a friend changed her life.
Wendy was diagnosed with breast cancer.
“They caught it very early.  It was stage one.  I had a lumpectomy.
They sent the specimen off.  Mine came back a little aggressive level 3.
It was only 11 millimeters.  So I had the biopsy surgery everything in about 2 weeks.”
In love with life and a supportive husband, the Alpha Media Radio Representative wasn’t frightened with her diagnosis instead ready to fight.
“t can happen to everybody.  It’s just very important to get your mammograms, and if you’ve
got friends spread the word.”
Wendy’s advice to women- don’t gamble and wait– get your mammogram.
“I really recommend the 3d for sure. Tell all your friends.  It can happen even if you don’t have a family history.”   The earlier you catch it the better.”
Breast cancer is not slowing her down.
“Everything I’ve been going through in the last couple of month it’s been a whirlwind, but y’all got me through it.
Her support team called Wendy’s warriors pays tribute to her with fundraisers for the making strides against breast cancer walk.
A game changer for future research.
Managing well, Wendy recently turned 46 and celebrated her last chemo treatment this week.
“Breast cancer is one of the most treatable if you catch it early.”
In a few weeks she will begin the second phase of her cancer journey.
Radiation treatment is intended to reduce her risk of recurrence.
Before that, she will celebrate life with other survivors at the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk.

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